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Music In Our Schools Month

Choir Music Video

Be a Star. Save the Music.

All-Star Choir, in partnership with NAfME, is creating a professional-quality choir music video for Music In Our Schools Month, and we need your voice! We're seeking 50 talented singers from grades 4-12 for a day of vocal training, studio recording, and a professional video shoot. This project is more than a performance – it's a platform to advocate for keeping music in schools and showcase the impact of our music programs. Join us, sign up, and let your voice make a difference!

"Super-Simple" Audition Process

1. Download and Practice Audition Music

Begin by clicking the 'Download Audition Music' button below. This will give you access to the sheet music and rehearsal track for the MIOSM song. Help your child learn the music and prepare for their audition.

 2. Record Audition Video of Your Child

Record a video of your child performing their part of the MIOSM song using a smartphone, tablet, or other recording device. Find a quiet and well-lit space to ensure the best quality video.

3. Submit Audition to Parent Sign-up Portal

Once the audition video is ready, click the 'Audition Now' button to access the parental information portal. Here, fill out the necessary information and upload your child's audition video directly from your camera’s photo reel.

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